Quarantine & Chill


Social distancing and government commands require basically everyone around the world to stay at home and close business. And as countless businesses and newly unemployed workers face the unknown, the beauty industry is taking a hit. Women’s are complaining about salon being shut down, your regular manicure salons are closed because of the “Stay At Home” order. In the coronavirus era, giving yourself some time to concentrate on you and relax may be exactly what you need the most. But just because your favourite salons are closed at the moment, that doesn't mean you have to let your own personal care fall by the wayside. Your nail maintenance is now in your own hands. You don't need to be a professional in most cases, despite the fact that the quality may not be the same so set realistic expectations. But at-home grooming is enough to get you by until social distancing and shutdowns end. Doing your own nails aren't as scary as it might seem and you can replicate the experience of your salon at home. You can also organize a virtual quarantine night in with all of your girl-friends and do a nail care session together. Spending the night with your favourite girls is the best thing ever! It’s exciting and guarantees oodles of fun. 

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